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We have court reporters at the ready for every deposition. Show the jury exactly what it is like to live with the injury, the pain and the suffering since the incident that gave rise to the cause of action. The jury, moved to a place of true empathy, will find in judgment for your client. Show the jury the surprised look on the deponent's face when you showed him or her the smoking gun document that trapped the deponent in a "shading of the truth" situation. Real settlement negotiations begin when you are armed with this powerful technology.


Your time is extremely valuable. Why waste it traveling? Stay in the comfort of your office and depose the witness as if you are sitting right in front of them. We use multiple flat screens and state of the art microphones to pick up both the visual and audio perfectly.


Our attorneys highly recommend the use of our interactive Picture-in Picture video. If documents are crucial to the case, then this is a great way to exhibit the documents while retaining the videotaped response of the deponent. No need to scan all the exhibits, they are already on the record and ready for trial. Thanks to the Elmo document camera, your clients important documents are the main focus while the deponent remains clearly visible. When you are making clips at trial, you will be able to choose from either the document view with the deponent inset or a full screen view of the deponent.


Our legal videographers provide expertly recorded video and audio at your deposition. If your case goes to trial, you can be confident that the video from your deposition will captivate the jury. We ensure court reporters receive a copy of the deposition audio that is clean and clear, facilitating the most accurate transcript. Standard DVD’s can be ready the next business day, with no expedite charge. You can even leave the deposition with a DVD of the deposition that day for a small fee.


To truly prevent an estate planning contest after death, a video recording of the entire process is key to effectuating the testator's intent and sound of mind at the time of the act.


It’s better to protect your client's now and have their personal possessions documented than trying to do it when it is too late. A home inventory by a professional will provide an accurate recording of his and her assets.


In certain situations where aerial representation of an area or scene can provide material support we will provide and operate a camera mounted quadcopter. Subject to obtaining authorization to permit its operation if required.


In this role, we help litigators prepare for trial and we assist them during the trial. There are many logistical aspects in preparing for a trial that will make the use of technology in the courtroom. For instance, all of the exhibits, video clips or audio clips are prepared using trial presentation software. The software product we use is Sanction. There can be many hours of preparation time creating annotated versions and call outs of items the attorney plans to present at trial, as well as presentation rehearsals.


All our videographers are certified notary public, providing you with an expedient option when documents pertinent to your case require notarization.


Following the USA laws of due process as well as the State of California's rules of civil procedure we provide registered private process servers to ensure that legal papers are served in a highly effective and appropriate fashion.


We provide certified court reporters responsible for accurate, verbatim transcripts of testimony, depositions, arbitration, and many other legal proceedings.

Equipped with real time court reporting equipment, our court reporters transcribe the spoken word into real time text that appears on court room television screens.


We have a team of highly professional and experienced videographers - with collective experience of 25 years - and who will work tirelessly to present professional recordings for your case. For each and any one of our services, we will walk you through every step of the process.


We offer the following services.

  1. Day-in-the-life videos

  • Remote video depositions from your office

  • Interactive (picture-in-picture) video depositions

  • Onsite Depositions

  • Estate Planning Will and Testaments

  • Divorce inventory

  • Aerial video of scene with quadcopter

  • Trial preparation and litigation support

  • Notary Public

  • Registered Private Process Server

  • Certified Court Reporters

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