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Video Solutions LLC

With video/transcript synching, as the deponent testifies, every spoken word is clearly seen by the jury. There is no misunderstanding as to what has been said. If you want to win then Picture-in-Picture is a must for trial!


By using Video Solutions LLC to convert your deposition to MPEG and sync it to the transcript, you save time and money.


Our specialists enable us to perform the set up, recording and production work ourselves, so you can be assured that within 24 hours of receiving the transcripts, the video and transcript are synched. This puts our finished product in your hands faster than any other agency in town. Using Depoview software, each DVD you receive includes a complimentary license of the software. Your office can download DepoView at your convenience. With access to this software an attorney can view videos, create video clips for trial, even do word searches to navigate quickly through the transcripts. Each DVD is compatible with Trial Director, MICUS,ASCII, Live Note, Sanction and Summation.


Video Solutions was created in 2004 with Collette Stark, as the only videographer. Our first clients were: Gordon and Rees in San Diego and Jan White's Court Reporting Agency. They both have helped us grow into the Professional Legal business that we are today.


With our integrated services, we are now a one stop shop: we can hire your court reporter, video your deposition, synch the transcript with the video, make video clips and prepare all your litigation for trial and we do at a highly reduced cost of any of the competitor agencies offering similar services.


We EXPEDITE all our work at no additional charge where many other agencies will charge a substantial expedite fee.


Give us a call today to see how we can support your deposition and litigation needs. . . you will be glad you did.

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